Adam and Drew from @adamdrewshow discuss depression/ suicide…and get it wrong

November 1, 2013

Great blog post reflecting on some dangerous misconceptions about depression and suicidality…

Second Chances

It has been a bit since I have blogged and I made a point to stay in from lunch today at work so I could write-up a part 2 to my ‘Loony Bin’ blog because I never did finish writing about that experience but I am going to have to do that at another time.

I have started listening to podcasts. I began looking into those when I finally gave up the Blackberry and went to the dark side (aka. bought an iPhone) and realized there was an app on which I could download mass amounts of podcasts about any subject I wanted. Since my attempt, I have absorbed every thing I could find on the subject of mental illness, and suicide and anything related to those in any type of medium possible. Podcast was an as-yet untapped resource. So in doing this I found Dr. Drew’s podcast (I highly recommend…

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2 Responses to “Adam and Drew from @adamdrewshow discuss depression/ suicide…and get it wrong”

  1. lhabedank Says:

    Personally, at a time when I was the fittest I’ve ever been (running at least 8-10 miles a day, no alcohol or caffeine, eating healthy, plenty of rest) I was still feeling very suicidal and was self-injuring (cutting) multiple times a day. Someone who appears to be doing well is not necessarily doing well… and someone who is physically taking care of themselves is not necessarily enjoying mental health as well as physical health.


    • Christine O. Says:

      I agree, absolutely. I feel I would work to cover up by illness and looming darkness. I don’t think I really understood what was happening to me or maybe I was in denial that I was depressed. I thought only people that lived under bridges or people who “gave up and stayed in bed all day” had depression. This was not me! I was a “go getter”! I never let anything get me down..I would power through…and it almost killed me. It was the stigma. It was listening to people like Adam Carolla and he probably had heard it from other people as well. Since I have learned of many accomplished, intelligent, active, otherwise healthy people who grew up in happy households who have mental illness as well and have attempted/ completed/ or thought of suicide.

      I do feel, however, that being active and exercise DO increase dopamine and seratonin levels in the brain and can improve symptoms of depression, but I DO NOT think that a person that is active cannot be depressed. Or even severely depressed. Obviously, you and I are examples of this.


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